Jeremy Moseley
Product Engineer


Jeremy is a focused engineer who is intrigued by the design and architecture of distributed systems. He has experience with distributed systems in Typescript, Go, Scala, and Python, and has spent time in most parts of the stack, doing infrastructure, product work, and front-end, truly a fullstack engineer.

Work Experience

April 2022 – Present
Senior Software Engineer
Scale and expand the capabilities of the messaging platform, supporting millions of active users and thousands of messages per second.
  • Built and deployed V2 of the messaging architecture, to enable more complex messaging use cases and to support the growth of the user base.
  • Explored solutions for scaling our monolithic database to support various performance and legal requirements.
  • Technology: Typescript/Javascript, MySQL, AWS, React, React Native
November 2016 – April 2022
Senior Software Engineer
Grown with Convoy as it scales its business and organization, from 12 engineers to >200, working on a variety of teams and problem spaces.
  • Lead and architected a new platform that replaces Convoys internal user facing tools, and enables Convoy to scale its business operations through the next 10x growth period.
  • Built a tool that allowed non-technical users to manage system configuration that previously required an entire engineer worth of effort.
  • Mentoring more junior engineers at various stages of their careers (non-traditional background & first job, lightly experienced & starting to tackle larger scope, and traditional background & somewhat experienced).
  • Working on projects with Org wide scope, evangelizing and pushing on solutions to large technical project with a large breadth of stakeholders.
  • Maintain and extend systems that allow complex integrations with external customer systems.
  • Technology: Typescript/Javascript, PostgreSQL, AWS, React
June 2015 – November 2016
Import/Export Software Engineer 3
The Import/Export squad manages all methods for bring content into and out of the Inkling platform, providing infrastructure for converting content from Word to HTML, HTML to EPUB and PDF, as well as conversion to internal formats for Inkling's internal readers.
  • Reduced content export errors by 10%, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing customer support overhead.
  • Architected a new microservice using the Play framework and an SQS task processor to provide a scalable worker system to allow easy scaling for demand
  • Developed a successful Seattle intern program
  • Technology: Scala, Java, Play, AWS, SQS, PostgreSQL, Python, XML
June 2014 – June 2015
Infrastructure Engineer
The infrastructure team manages infrastructure tooling and AWS deployment of the Inkling stack. Supports other engineering teams to make the system more reliable and easier to work with.
  • Implemented a state-of-the-art distributed log systems that handles 30 million events a day.
  • Migrated Inkling's deployment and packaging system to Docker, allowing the system to be deployed and managed by state-of-the-art tools
  • Significantly reduced downtime caused by deployments
  • Increasing engineering efficiency when developing and deploying new services
  • Operated as a member of the emergency on-call rotation
  • Technology: Scala, AWS, Python, Bash, PostgreSQL, Docker


Victoria, BC CA


  • 2009 2014

    University of Victoria


    Software Engineering

  • 2006 2007

    SAIT Polytechnic

    Associates Degree

    Computer Engineering Technology


React HTML/CSS Typescript/JavaScript Next Redux GraphQL
Typescript/Javascript Node Python Postgres Distributed Systems MySQL
DataDog Bash AWS Cloudflare