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Ramblings of a Developer

Journal: A CRUD developer builds a game

What did I do today? #

I got the core pieces of a "game" put together. Enemies shoot and move, the player can die, and the whole thing restarts. No sound or UI yet, but it's a start.

Check it out.

Ooooh. I think I settled on a name. The working title was "Tanks of Fury", but there are some other games that sort of have that name, plus that movie.


Iron Fury wip logo

What did I learn? #

What's next? #

  1. Add some UI. I want to show the player's health and score. Still not sure what score will be.
  2. Add some sound. I think I can find some free sound effects on the internet.
  3. Add some polish. I need to make the game over screen look better, and I need to make the game feel better to play. I think I need to add some screen shake when the player gets hit, and I need to add some feedback when the player shoots.

Demo #

Click here to play.

WASD or arrows to move, or click/touch to move.